The Ballad of Bob Levine

Bob Levine has been entertaining the community of Cherry Grove as his alter ego "Rose" for over 50 years and he is still going strong. Spending summers at his home “Roseland” in the Grove since the 1960s, Bob always surrounds himself with a colorful cast of characters and has weathered many storms to become a well-loved queer personality known all over the world.

How does one capture the history of such an eccentric and iconic figure?

Somehow the documentary “Roseland” takes us into Bob’s fabulous world of friends, neighbors, costars and misfits that make his life such an adventure every day.

His husband Michael Fitzgerald III , a noted artist and famed Cherry Grove nudist, seems to celebrate their nearly thirty-year relationship with an assault of one-liners that proves he’s just as entertaining as his adored spouse.

Fashionista. Singer. Activist. Actor and High Kicker. Bob Levine has never played by anyone else’s rules, ensuring that each inch of his life is painted just the way he wants, with every color of the gay rainbow.

Directed by: Parker Sargent

Produced by: Cherry Grove Archives Collection